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I have been a photographer for over 20 years.  I absolutely love what I do.  My personality is easy and because of that my interactions with brides, grooms and guests helps everyone to relax, have fun and forget about the camera and me.  That is one of the aspects that allows me to capture the essence of the moment.  I like to capture genuine reality...when people are themselves as they interact with each other. 

My photography is not just a picture but it gets to the heart of emotion of what is happening.  That is the reason why, when you look at the finished product of your special day, you will be moved and you will return to how you felt when you were at your wedding and the reception.  You will FEEL the memory.  That is what great photography must be.  That is what my photography is all about.

I will capture every aspect of your wedding and reception.  As the bride and groom you can't possibly be aware of all that is going on.  I make sure that my photography captures most of the special moments that are "other" than the wedding but yet still very much a part of your day;  those tender moments as well as the funny ones.  My years of experience give me a unique ability to know what you want now in your wedding disc with contemporary shots as well as what you will want in your pictures 20 years from now.  My photography has the unique combination of contemporary and "artsy" pictures while remaining within and maintaining the classic and timeless nature of a wedding...your wedding day.